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Christophe with Charles Aznavour

Saturday 25 June 2016

At around 5 Pm I got a call from my friend & publisher Patrick Shart. Patrick & I have been working together for nearly 20 years. He is also Charles Aznavour sub publisher for the UK. It is him who suggested I do a cover of his hit “Mourir d’aimer”. We had not met in 3 years ! So I was happy to hear from him.
He then told me he had been on the road with Charles Aznavour for the past 3 years taking care of his management & business. And that day they were playing in Barcelona. “I can’t come Barcelona & not see you, So please come to Charles concert tonight” he said.
Whoua … what a surprise. I had 2 entrances and backstage passes waiting at the concert hall door.
The show was just incredible. Charles Aznavour is 92 years old and it is hard to believe it.
He sang all is biggest hits in French & in Spanish, with incredible passion & emotion . Twice tears came to my eyes listening to those wonderful melodies.
After the show I made my way to the very protected backstage. So many fans waiting and impossible to get in.
But Patrick was waiting & called for me. And there I was with my friend introducing me to the Maestro.
“Charles , please meet Christophe a good friend of mine & musician I work with. You know it is him who
did the world cover of your song “Mourir d’aimer”. I played it to you before & you liked it. “Oh yes” answered Mr Aznavour “How are you”. I was in paradise !
Thank you Patrick ! Thank you Mr Aznavour !

The single “At the end of the street” as been released on iTunes and all digital platforms.
It includes the new version of the track , a new mix of the original version (from the long way home album) and a radio edit version.
The new version of At the end of the street features Marc Antoine on Guitar, Ravi Prasad on vocal and Michel Gaucher on flute.

Some years ago I went to record one of my album at Peter Gabriel’s Studio (Real world). One afternoon Peter invited me to his private studio to listen to one of the song he was recording for his new album. The track you hear on this video is “Come talk to me” , the opening track from the album US and I believe Peter is playing a Sequential Circuit Prophet 5 synth..
I filmed this unique moment and later Peter Gabriel asked me : So what do you think” I answered “I’ll buy it” and he turned to Daniel Lanois and said “Cool we’ve sold one” … ha ha ha.
(The man on the left eating an apple is Daniel Lanois. Peter Gabriel , U2 and many others producer) . One of my favourite producer .