The long way home

The long way home


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Released in April 2011

Written, Performed and Produced by Christophe Goze
“Chill the blues” Written by Christophe Goze & Roberto Briot, “Moonlight” from Claude Debussy. ¨Clair de Lune¨, “The swan” from Camille Saint Saens. “Le signe”, “Promenade with Satie” from Erik Satie. ¨1st Piano Gymnopedie”

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Grooving things by Christophe Goze
Double Bass by Roberto Briot
Clarinette solo by Ari Zaghar
Child voice by Dan Savoum
Futujara Flute & Reeds by Vladiswar Nadishana
Chinese Violin (Ehru) by Shu Hong Huang
Duduk by Ari Zaghar
Featuring Marc Antoine (Guitar) on “At the end of the street”.
Featuring Ravi Prasad vocals on “At the end of the street”
Recorded & Mixed by Christophe Goze at Earth Studio (Paris).
Mastered by Antoine Jacquot at Logodio / Jak’s home (Versailles).